Usage, Care and Storage

First of all when you receive the parcel from the post office or from the courier, please, check its external condition. If you see the damages of the package, ask the courier/post officer to fix it or make photos by yourself. That will help to make a complaint to the delivery service (for more information, please check How to order section).
If everything is ok, do hurry up, open it!

So, from this moment you can run to your studio and start shooting! But keep in mind some important issues, please.
Firstly, all our concrete and plaster backgrounds with voluminous texture are covered with nanotechnological treatment that protects the surface from water damage. The finish of ALL surfaces, including smooth and semi-smooth backgrounds, is made with matte varnish and transparent wax, that creates additional barriers against water. So, technically, you can spill water, ice, juice, alcohol and other liquids on the background. But it's not about oils. Please, do not allow direct contact of oils with any type of our surfaces. It leaves dirty spots and is very difficult to be cleaned up.

Although our backdrops are waterproof, please, do not leave liquid spills for a long time (over 10 minutes). Dry it with soft cloth.
To clean the surface after flour, sugar and other powders please use brush with medium soft bristle or hand vacuum cleaner (small ones for cars are the best choice!). If the surface is dirty please clean it up with wet cloth.

Please, do not use the backgrounds for cutting, this will damage the integrity of finish and spoil the surface. Do not place extremely hot stuff like the pan from the stove right on the surface, that will also damage the finishing coat.

Although the finish is claimed to be ecologically safe, we do not recommend to eat the food that was in direct contact with the photobackdrop. It may do harm to your health.

For storage use dry and warm room, do not let the sun shine straight on the surface.
You may store the backdrops both horizontally and vertically, in accordance with your conditions in the studio.
Please, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us!